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Air Bag for Quarry

Grade Size (cm) Surface Stone Form Price
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  • SupplyAbility: 200
  • Port: FUZHOU
  • Min. Order: 1 (Pieces)
  • Packaging Detail: PLASTIC BOX
  • Delivery Detail: DELIVER AFTER ORDER 15 DAYS
  • Shipment Terms: FOB
  • Payment Terms: T/T
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Product Description:


1.Less than 7mm thickness
2.Strong pushing power
3.High-tech materials and special processing techniques
4.No frequent problem in split and damage
5.Can be reused
6.After inflation by air compressor, the pushing power of the air bags can reach 50 tons to 450 tons according to different sizes of the pushing bags.

Polymer blocks pushing air bag is used to separate the marble, granite, stones(rock mass) block from the basic rock achieving a maximum opening of 45cm at the top.The air bag can separate the block (rock mass) which is having all side wire saw cut faces.

Technical datas:

Model Specification Theoretical pushing capacity Weight(kg)
BL1010 1.0m×1.0m 50tons 4.5
BL1015 1.0m×1.5m 75tons 6.8
BL1020 1.0m×2.0m 100tons 9.0
BL1515 1.5m×1.5m 115tons 10.2
BL2015 2.0m×1.5m 150tons 13.5
BL2020 2.0m×2.0m 200tons 18.0
BL3030 3.0m×3.0m 450tons 40.5
Control platfrom for above air bag air pressue 0-6bar,3 outlet 30.0


 Splitting and overturning pushing air bag operational procedure : 


1. To avoid damages to the pushing air bag at deployment,start by carefully clearing the edges of the stone block of possible debris;


2. Consult the thrust table to determine the types and number of pushing air bag required to spread an opening 15cm between the     

    sawed block and the quarry;


3. Fasten one  end of two pull back ropes to the rings at the upper edge the bag and tie the other ends to fixed point;


4. Link the air supply through pressure gauge tube to the bag;


5. Begin the inflating  operation by opening the ball valve connected to the bag;


6. Continue inflating until obtaining opening of 10-15cm opening ,place appropriate metal wedges under the stone block;


7. Overlap the bags until overtuning block;


8. Shut off the air input valve of each bag,disconnected the hoses from the bag ,after the deflation is completed,pull out the bags.

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Robin Young
  • Telephone:+86-18350356669
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    No. 3, Houyang Industry Park, Songgang Street, Xiapu City Fujian China

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